Research Project – Student Placement 2019

During May/ June, we hosted two students from The University of Chester, Ella & Keely, who are studying Criminology and Psychology on their 5 week placement to complete our annual research project. 

They visited a total of 13 schools from across North Wales that had visited DangerPoint within the previous 3-6 months. During the re-visit, the students completed the DangerPoint quiz again with the pupils to better understand what the pupils remember from their visit (they complete this same quiz upon arrival at the centre and then again once they have finished their tour). The results from the 13 schools this year were very positive with an average retention rate of information of 82%. 

Student Placement Results 2019

In addition to the re-tests, the students also filmed with some of the pupils to better understand what they have done, if anything, with the information they learned during their visit. This year, we filmed not only with the pupils, but also with some of the teachers that visited the centre which provided extremely worthwhile feedback on how they view a visit to the centre. 

You can watch both films here:

Pupils Feedback: 

Teacher feedback: | |