NEW DISPLAY – Knife Crime

We have launched another new display in the Centre this week. Sponsored by the Police and Crime Commissioner, the new display will focus on knife crime. The purpose of the display is to try and raise awareness of the consequences of carrying knives as well as reducing the fear of crime and the number of young people choosing to carry knives. 

Arfon Jones, North Wales Police & Crime Commissioner said: I am very impressed with the display at DangerPoint. Knife crime and the fear of knife crime causes a great deal of harm and the more we can do to raise awareness the better.

I am delighted to have been able to pay for this new addition to the excellent facilities at DangerPoint and if it saves just one life it will have been money well spent.

I am sure the children will love it and it’ fantastic that it reaches 7,000 of them every year but we do need to make this place more accessible to people from across North Wales and Cheshire.”

Talacre Visit of PCC Arfon Jones to Dangerpoint to see new Knives takes Lives exhibit Cat Harvey (Dept Manager Dangerpoint), PCC Arfon Jones and Amanda Hanson (Serious Crime Prevention Co-ordinator)

Staff have received training via North Wales Police and and the new display will be in use with groups of KS2 and upwards from the new academic year. | |