How Successful is a Visit?

To evaluate how successful a visit to the centre is, we conduct two different evaluation methods.

Feedback Questionnaires:

When groups visit, we ask that group organisers fill in a feedback form before they leave. This helps us to ensure the visit has been worthwhile and that your expectations have been met. The results show that:

• 100% of teachers recommend a visit to DangerPoint

• 100% of teachers believe that their group has benefited from a visit

• 25% of teachers said that their expectations were met but 75% said that their visit to DangerPoint exceeded their expectations.


The children also complete a quiz before and after their visit. We use software called promethean and hand-held voting devices just like ‘ask the audience’ on ‘Who Wants To Be a Millionaire.’ This software allows us to measure the children’s level of understanding before the tour, and then what they have learnt during the visit. The children love to use the hand held voting devices and the Rangers have gained confidence seeing the definite improvement in the post-visit quiz results.

How it works: The children are each given a hand held voting device and a brief explanation of how and when to press either 1, 2, 3 or 4. We ask them 10 questions on various safety related subjects which they will learn in the centre. Once they have finished the quiz, we then work out an average score for that group and let the children know what score they achieved – the average for October 2022 was 28% pre visit and 71% post visit.

How to find us...

DangerPoint is located just off the A548 Coast Road, Talacre Beach exit from roundabout. Follow Station Road over bridge and take first right.

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