If you’ve recently visited us, you will know we have two new displays!

The first new display we have are the rockets, which will teach people to REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE! K-os the Alien has asked us here at DangerPoint to help him fuel his rocket. The only way to fuel his rocket is through recycling. Visitors can take part in sorting out items into categories of plastic, cardboard and metal and scan them into the right box. Once all the items have been scanned correctly, the rockets will take off!

The second display is the ‘Guess Who’ game. Much like the original, visitors are split into two teams and ask ‘Yes/No’ questions to identify the person on the other team. However, with this DangerPoint twist, we ask visitors to choose a bus driver from the characters on the table. Some characters may have hidden disabilities (or superpowers), however this is not to say they cannot be a bus driver. The aim of this activity is to show that, no matter your disability, you are able to do/be anything you desire! | |