DangerPoint Core Programme (5-11yrs)

The DangerPoint core programme is a guided 3 hour 35 minute interactive programme for primary schools. The tour can be tailored to suit the needs and abilities of the group attending (please specify when booking).

Groups of up to 60 children can take part in the Core Programme, divided into smaller groups of 10 pupils. They will tour with a designated Ranger, who will use a mix of teaching techniques to deliver the safety messages throughout the centre.

During the visit, children will have the opportunity to take part in an interactive quiz, before and after their tour. Children will use hand held voting devices before they tour the centre to see what knowledge they already have; and then again following the tour to see what they have learnt. (You can read more about our evaluation methods here).

The DangerPoint Core Programme has been split into 6 zones which include the following scenarios:

Zone 1: Home– including lounge, kitchen, bedroom & garage
Zone 2: Substance misuse, building site safety, bullying
Zone 3: Transport safety – including bus safety and train safety
Zone 4: Farm & Countryside -including flood awareness
Zone 5: Beach/Water & Road safety
Zone 6: Digital safety including internet, speaking to K-os and shop safety

Charges may be applicable for a visit. To learn more about the different scenarios and information delivered in the centre, or for any other queries, please contact us.

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    How to find us...

    DangerPoint is located just off the A548 Coast Road, Talacre Beach exit from roundabout. Follow Station Road over bridge and take first right.

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