2022 – What a year!

2022 was a successful year for us at DangerPoint.

At the start of the year, we replaced the vinyl graphics in the flood display to display Talacre light house rather than Snowdonia. Additionally, we completed the bus scenario with new graphics and the bus seats within the scenario. Within the year, we have appointed a Marketing Assistant to help increase our reach, especially using social media to put our name out there.

In August, Abergele Golf Club organised a full day of fundraising activities on behalf of DangerPoint. The event managed to raise a lot of money – a big thanks go to Wayne (our treasurer) all the team and the numerous volunteers that worked before and during the event to make it such a huge success.

By the end of the year, we received the new Toyota Hybrid car, with thanks to the Toyota Manufacturing UK Charitable Trust. On top of this, we have installed new signs around the centre that have been replaced with the new branding for DangerPoint.

In terms of visitors, we’ve had 7118 visitors this year. This accounts for 5998 pupils, 293 members of organised groups, and 827 members of the public. This included 171 schools in total. We have received lovely comments and reviews from our visitors. We’re so pleased a visit to us has been beneficial, whether you have visited over the local holidays or with a school / organised group.

A special thank you to all of you who visited, booked a visit with us, to our trustees and all of the organisations and businesses that have supported us and continue to support us.

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